Ylvis -
Except from originaly planned to be called Elvis after the king of rock, and my dad getting drunk and writting a I instead of a E then my mom changing it to a Y, there isn't much to be told.
Orthios -
Orthios seems to be a skilled hacker that has managed to make a puzzle page on my blog, he seems to favor codes.
Hespel -
The seeming protagonist of a book I found, called "The Book Of Hespel".
EnvelopeOfArrows -
A wierd person who seems to involve himself a lot,he has revealed himself to be a Experiment.
He's also identified as the FRS remake of The Slenderman.
The Story Teller -
Aka. Sphiel Maxmizel (Corruption of true name as revealed in chapter 3), The Story Teller and Jean V. Galpa (Project Codename).

He work for his master, He himself prefers not to be the protagonist, He rather prefers being the story teller.

He is currently deceased.
The Master -
Yes, Sphiel/The Story Teller had  a master.
He is aparently a antagonist.
The World-Bender (Jacob Mondus) -
If one has read the blog itself, one should know The Story Teller currently have a bit of a rivalery with the one known as "The World-Bender".
Mostly because he forced The Story Teller to become a protagonist once.
In chapter 3.
During the Slendy TV launch he revealed himself to be a "FRS" agent or something similar.

He kidnapped The Story Teller on orders of the "FRS".
I dont know if he is the one who killed The Story Teller, but he's suspected.