Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Looked for "FRS"

There are a few organisations named "FRS" but mostly I doubt that anyone of them would take Sphiel.
Then I looked for blogs with generic meanings for the S that would do things like this.
Squad, Society, etc.
I found this.
Wierd of it to start so close to the time I searched...
Anyways, im going to keep looking on this blog.
This also gives some light on another blog that The Story Teller mentioned in chapter 1.

[Non-Chapter] Updated the Bio's

I have updated a few bio's and im beginning to update some more.

Chapter 6: The Story Teller is kidnapped

During the latest meeting for Slender TV, The Story Teller was kidnapped.
Im currently using his profile until I find him again.
Name is Ylvis.
Im reading up on Slendy and looking for info on the kidnappers, called the "FRS".
Most likely another member of the Slender TV team is a member.
His name is Jacob Mondus.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chapter 6: No Plot yet, and no protagonist

Its good to have a friend like The World-Bender.
But im plotless.
I have nothing to blog about yet...
Im stumped for the moment.
I think im gonna focus on the Slender TV project for a while.

Chapter 6: On The World-Bender's good side

Didn't think I would be so friendly towards him before...
But I need a story, plot, something!!!!
I need a protagonist and a problem.
And I will not be the protagonist.

Know what?
Im gonna befriend The World-Bender.
Hopefully I will get a plot.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chapter 5: A study in wierd stuff

Seems I posted "yesterday" and "tomorrow" on the same day.
Just felt kinda wierd, as if it was two separate days.
Ugh, im feeling wierd all of a sudden.

Chapter 5: A study in Alchemy Finished

I have finished getting a basic knowlege of how being a alchemist was, and I settled that if he would try to kill me, It would probably be with some elementals of some kind.
So im gonna be on the look out for elementals while playing...
You guessed it, Portal 2.

Chapter 5: A study in History Part 2

Now, about yesterday.
I told about The World-Bender creating a story.
This story was about Jack the Ripper
Before he exsisted.
Or, well, THEY exsisted.
His story made Jack the Ripper come into the world.
Jack the Ripper was a pair of knives.
They made their users go crazy while using them.
Who made them you ask?
None other than The World-Bender through his story.
I dont know all about the story anyhow, just what he has told me about it.

Chapter 5: A study in History Part 1

Seems The World-Bender has been a plauge upon the human race since his "creation".
He just begun writing a story once apparently and guess what.
I'll tell you tomorrow.

I am Portal-ed out.

Chapter 5: A study in Warnings

My computer just got a popup warning, that say something about the plot of the thing that i played before my Portal 2 got back and running.
It said "The Philosopher's Stone had different powers than suspected."
I pressed continue, as it was that and restart that i could choose from.
Next one said "Do you know what it did to me?"
I answered "No"
And here is the next one, it says "I, The World-Bender got the powers I bear from the stone."
Seems he isnt internet related.
He may even be unstopable, as master got the wrong information...
Only choice here says "Close".
Going to click it and inform more tomorrow.

Chapter 5: A study in Alchemy

Portal just begun working allright, but the files from the last playthrough are gone...
Could it be The World-Bender?

Chapter 5: A study in the Portals

Portal 2 wasnt what i thought it would be...
It was more medieval than in the screenshots, and the story is different from how it was described...
It seems according to the storyline in the game that I played, differently from Portal 2, was about some Alchemist in the past who looked for The Philosopher's Stone.
Then he found it, and then he begun to laugh evily and the screen turned black.
Im gonna try to run it again, and see if it was some kind of glitch...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chapter 4: Dawn of a project

Im gonna being working on the project sooner or later.
Even if its on a plane,
and also I got to go now, people are on the way.
Cant let them see this.

Chapter 4: Dawn of mystery?

Using my cellphone, going to put it away soon, but gotta tell you guys.
I now own a Portal 2 for the PC.
And someone is being assulted, see it all here http://itwandmdl97.chatango.com/.

See you all at the next post.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chapter 4: Dawn of HOME!

We are going to have to stay at a motel and get home tomorrow.
And anyways, we have the dawn of a new chapter.

Chapter 3: Warning

Make sure The World-Bender doesnt get to the internet, if he stays offline it will be allright.

Chapter 3: The World-Bender, 2. Update

This is getting boring...
Im pulling the plug.
So easy heroism..
Why can anyone be the hero when its so easy?
As long as The World-Bender doesnt get made again then im never going to have to be the hero again.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter 3: The World-Bender

Aparently someone in the place we're in is making a deity of their own.
Kind  of like the "Fears", but quite the bit more powerful.
This deity is suppose to change the world. By force.
It can change the world, so here we are.
Now we need to find out protagonist.
Who will stop the birth of this deity?
Why will the protagonist stop this deity?
Will it be personal?
All will be answered on the next update.
I myself can not have any personal involvement, so im not able to be a hero here...
Let us see who gets to save the world from this monstrosity.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter 3: ???

Yeah, im not sure what "fear" we are after this time,
Master got us on some plane, I didnt at all get where we are going...
I will update when I  find out more.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Chapter Inbetween 2 and 3: Revelation

Have you ever wondered why my name was Sphiel Maxmizel?
It wasnt really, its merely a corruption of my true name.

I may decide to reveal who my master is at some point aswell.
If not, then chapter 3 awaits.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chapter 2: The Judging Eye, Ending

Everyone, suprise.
Jeremy is dead.
And his guts are everywhere in his room...

Well, I guess the chapter is over...
Didn't expect this...

Chapter 2: The Judging Eye, 6. Update

Im beginning to wonder, why is "The Eye" always where we are?
Anyways, I'll ponder on that later on, the master is calling for me.

More next Update.
Also, gonna be a few more updates.
But well, im bored and all I have is a phone without any games.

Chapter 2: The Judging Eye, 5. Update

Finally, looks like Jeremy stopped and we can take a rest.
We're at a motel, we got a "free" room.
I get why its free.
Its freaking roten everywhere and there are spiders on the wall...
I didnt know I was afraid of the suckers until now.

Sphiel "The Story Teller" taking the near final update.
I Seriusly will let the Eye see Jeremy tomorrow.
This is getting creepy for me.
And the bed just fell...
Computer is also low on power.

More coming!

Chapter 2: The Judging Eye, 4. Update

Jeremy isnt the culprit, turns out one of the movers were a convict until about last year.
Chuck Norman, Murderer, 1 murder commited until he was caught.
Now he's a serial killer.
Or was.
The Eye decided to "see him".
Now he's dead, looks as if he's his own victim.

More updates coming.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chapter 2: The Judging Eye, 3. Update

Jeremy crashed in a ditch, but except for some car damages hes allright, kinda wish he wasnt...
Anyways, the master noticed somethings on the gas stations on the way.
There was one dead person on each of the gas stations.
I suspect Jeremy as the culprit, and master wont tell me if im right.

More coming.

Chapter 2: The Judging Eye, 2. Update

Jeremy saw "The Eye" again today and decided to move.
He's currently in his car, he doesnt carry any weapons yet, so he still thinks "The Eye" is a illusion.

More updates later.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 2: The Judging Eye, 1. Update

Today Jeremy met "The Eye" and was quite afraid.
He would have gotten a warning first but master didnt want to this time, as it was only a sighting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chapter 2: The Judging Eye

Master Decided to take me with him on watching a victim of "The Eye", and I decided to write it down.

At about 13.04 PM our protagonist, Jeremy Chiel, a frecuent chatter, handlename is unknown, decided to kill his own neighbour.
This is at about when I and master arrived.
When we arrived our protagonist decided to get rid of all evidece pointing to him.
At 14.07 PM he ran back into his house.
Motive is quite wierd, but originated at the internet, as Jeremy was discussing the attacks in Norway, in which his old girlfriend was a victim.
Knowing his neighbour's handlename on the internet, who had recently told him to forget about it, decided to kill him.
Jeremy's mental state is very fragile and is rising against insanity.
As such this supports the motive and adds to overreaction of the comment.

I will keep adding to this chapter about Jeremy's battle against "The Eye".

Chapter 1: What is the Highmind?

Tricky one.

Let us begin at the first encounter our protagonist had with the self proclaimed one,
At about five or six days ago.

Our Protagonist begins to take out some milk at exacly 4.00 PM, an hour before the mystical attacker comes and kidnaps her.

From here I and the master split and the story is torn into two pieces.
My part first thought.

The father calls the phone at about 5.74 PM and no one answers.
He quickly figures out that shes not there after about five tries.

Thats when I notice him parking in the middle of the road and hurrying to the door.
He knows that she shouldnt be gone, and that she would tell him if she left.

He then begins to get to the car and drive with teary eyes.

And then there is what master happened to see.
At first the car went towards a lake, and master saw that there was something unusual there.
A dome. A glass dome that covered the whole island (or whatever its called when its in the middle of a lake) that had been open before.

Now the kidnaper, "Highmind", got to a boat that he has prepared before, according to master, and got to the island.

And then master was blocked out of the dome.
But he will be seeing him soon.

End of chapter 1, Question is not answered yet thought.


I am Story Teller, Previously I was known as Sphiel Maxmizel before I became a "Logger".
No, I do not connect the term "Logger" with  the term Blogger at all, I am a logger for one of the entities as you may know them, otherwise known as "Fears".
I will tell you stories of what I, myself, see while on the work with my master.

There will be no personal encounters with any of the entities documented here at all. (Except for Chapters informed otherwise.)
The encounters will be with entierly different people each time, unless anyone manages to get out of the basic rutine of the encounters.