Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Reboot Chapter 1] Darmuth

Thanks to Orthios, you already know im stuck in here, and that i created it...
I got to say, i didnt know my mind was this creepy.

[Reboot Chapter 1] Dream Log 01 (Leaked by Orthios)

Dream Phase 1:
The dreams seems to be set in Ylvis's own home, with a constant tapping noise everywhere he goes.
Where ever he walks he encounters shadows in the form of The Slender Man.
Dream Phase 2:
The shadows start assembeling and a loud noise can be heard.
This is where Ylvis takes control however.
His mind, anyhow takes all control.
He has birthed a abomination.
Made from his own mind.
It is perfect.
It is, Darmuth, The Second World, The Unknown World.
A whole world with his greatest fears and horrrors collected.
And it now is open for me to rule.
He has made himself the worldbender..
And now is the time to strike.

Dr. Abel Karth (AKA. Drakarth) -

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Reboot Chapter 1] Dreams...

Today begins my new job, im now gonna work with Dr. Abel in a dream experiment.
Dr. Abel will update sometimes with the results.
Also, as you may wonder, what is the purpouse?
I have no idea actually, but i guess i have to repay him saving my life.
I'll be more weary of Orthios from now on.

Thank you, Dr. Abel Karth

I am now back in buisness.
And tell me if you need a favor, Dr.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Shutdown -

This blog is being shutdown at courtesy of the Guardians.
We live to protect.
For your safety.
Should you however wish for this blogger's release post the result of this code below.
Orthios -

[Non-Chapter] Hacker

Who ever is hacking my account. Please dont impersonate me atleast.
Show some freaking common courtesy.
And yes, the last post was not mine.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Puzzle Page?

Didnt know I had that....
EDIT: Our friendly neigbourhood hacker has helped us hide this page...
Im even more confused.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Phone malfunction

So, my phone has malfunctunioned all week, and there isnt anything else intresting going on at the moment.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Non-Chapter] What we talked about

What remains to be explained is what we talked about.
Well, mostly i was wondering who he worked for.
So we started with that.
Now i know he's on the side of The Experiments.
Also, he is a minion of The aparent Rouge AI  The Highmind.
Im now going to make a Page with the sides listed on it, so im going to be busy doing that and updating it for a while.
Other things we talked about was...
Well, nothing really.
But he also told me to keep on watch.

Friday, September 16, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Envelope Of Arrows = Bad News

Yesterday I met Envelope Of Arrows.
In person.
He's not what one would expect, Seriously.
He's like a "Mega Corp" version of atempt on Slendy.
And now, im gonna go ahead and lock all my doors and windows.

[Non-Chapter] Look at this!

Seems that that message was for me.
Guess what I find when i wake up?
That exact sketch.
Looks like he likes to take pictures of his "art" before showing it.
Also, I noticed that one page of the book has been filled (Not really filled but I now have a part of it).
Cant talk about it now however.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Wierd Book

Also, today when clearing out my attic io found a book named "The Book Of Hespel".
It was located in a box of stuff that The Story Teller gave me.
Im guessing he made it.
You can follow what i read out of it on my blog "The Book Of Hespel".
Other than that, not much today.
Its kind of getting a bit too silent here.

[Non-Chapter] Chatting with three

Yesterday i was involved in a chat between me, MasterDetectiveL97 (Guy from the link that The Story Teller published) and a guy called "Envelope Of Arrows" chatted for a bit, due to a message from Envelope Of Arrows.
He said we may have to meet again, so im going to keep on close watch.

Monday, September 12, 2011

[Non-chapter] Computer Fix

My computer is finally fixed.
Greatest news so far.

[Non-Chapter] Public PC Usage

My computer hasnt recovered yet, so i have to use a more public way of updating at the moment.
A friend is helping me fix the computer so its going to be all fine afte a while.
Also, on a different note, attacks have stopped for a while.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Slender Glitching

My computer has gotten a few glitches newly and i have been inactive due to them.
I tried to get on yesterday, i was unable, it begun at about 2 days ago so Slendy may be in the area or its just a quincience.
Anyways, i forgot one possible side, The Masked Ones.

Monday, September 5, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Vauge Descriptions

I know I have been vauge lately and I have decided to explain in more detail what happened yesterday.

At around the first "Tapping sound post" I begun to hear the tapping,'
When I decided to check it out I saw that the person behind it was...
You guessed it, The Slender Man, and Jonathan from Slender TV,
Seeing as he most likely joined forces with The Slender Man, I checked if i could aswell.
Bad Move, what happens is that The Slender Man hangs me upside down, then it all goes black except for a figure just before that.
I cant make out who excaly it was...
But who ever it was, was dressed in black, and i think the figure was holding a gun.
Then, I wake up.
The other post?
Wrote it before The Slender Man grabbed me.
Its like its four different sides,
The FRS,
The Antagonists,
The Protagonists,
And us.
Also there is The Experiments.
So it may be five sides.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Slender Man?

I know Slender TV is going to revolve around him, but i didnt know he was after The Story Teller...
Or is he after me?
Tappity Tappity Tap
Tap Tap Tap Tap
Tap Tap Tap Tap
Tap Tap Tap Tap

Thats it, im going to look.
Im not going to look, not going to look, not going to look...
The tapping never freaking ends...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Something is tapping on the window...
Im unsure if i should look.

[Non-Chapter] In honur of The Story Teller

As a reminder, im going to give what was identified as fears a new name for this blog.
Say hello to the Antagonists.
Either way where they show up they end up becoming one, atleast as far as i have seen.
And of course, lets not forget the runners, or as I will call them Protagonists.
We (The Slendy TV crew)?
We are the Narrators, The Story Tellers who live to tell the story.

[Non-Chapter] Experiments?

I checked out this
Seems this is what the FRS has been up to mostly...

I dont like the idea of them trying to make their own versions of the "Fears" so that they can...
Well, I dont know what they plan on doing, I just know its bad anyhow.

And with the Experiment 38, seems they are planning on the end of the world.
Damn bastards.

[Non-Chapter] Been out Running

Im not safe here, I have to get out of here...
The farther away I am from those FRS people the safer I am.

Firstly, when the sabotage happened, The Story Teller got out, but he was...
Im not sure if I can write it...
He's been ripped apart.
I dont know what the hell it was that did it, but it freaking ripped him appart...

Secondly, some things came after us, we're split up so I have to find them before skipping town.

Thirdly, There is a guy with a shotgun that went after us, kind of not on our side, not on their side.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Damn damn damn damn
I think im not gonna update in a while
Gotta run

[Non-Chapter] FRS, Payback time is coming

I now know where the heck their HQ is, and Slendy TV is coming for some payback.
Sabotage Deluxe aswell.