Monday, September 5, 2011

[Non-Chapter] Vauge Descriptions

I know I have been vauge lately and I have decided to explain in more detail what happened yesterday.

At around the first "Tapping sound post" I begun to hear the tapping,'
When I decided to check it out I saw that the person behind it was...
You guessed it, The Slender Man, and Jonathan from Slender TV,
Seeing as he most likely joined forces with The Slender Man, I checked if i could aswell.
Bad Move, what happens is that The Slender Man hangs me upside down, then it all goes black except for a figure just before that.
I cant make out who excaly it was...
But who ever it was, was dressed in black, and i think the figure was holding a gun.
Then, I wake up.
The other post?
Wrote it before The Slender Man grabbed me.
Its like its four different sides,
The FRS,
The Antagonists,
The Protagonists,
And us.
Also there is The Experiments.
So it may be five sides.

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